Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Hi People
Here is a copy of an email about to be sent to the Usual Suspects. I decided in the end to do the blog, only the image isn't uploading I will have to leave that for some other day. Lets get this posted and then I can send the email.

I wonder if it will be for Mr Sam Rogers Crazydave?

Hello Everybody

Rather than blog like crazy, I have been busy today uploading some new videos for the www to view. Some of you are mentioned by name in them all of you by implication, but so that I can have a day free from all this, and hopefully a night free soon where I no longer have to suffer the inadiquate sound insulation of my home, and have dim witted turkeys guffoffing at 0100hrs above me like last night, and the night and the day before and before etc etc.

Here are the URL's for the videos
manic street preachers duped by fascist council

Manic Street Preachers Pawns in council lies

5 Equality Human Rights Commissioners Resign in July 2009

Council leader labelled Torturer (Cardiff County Council Judith Woodman)

I trust Mr. Rogers that something is done about the misleading conclusions arrived at by the tenants satifaction survey mentioned in the final video. What percentage of tenants responded???to arrive at the conclusions mentioned. What a waste of public service employees time did that cause? Eh Mr. Mark Thompson? Oh I forgot you aid and abet cardiff county council in its continued Criminal Negligence of myself, as does the BBC Trust. Isn't that right Mr. Galloway!

Public Service Broadcasting you have got to be kidding!

Isn't that right Countess Mar, Baroness Royall!!!
The right to legal representation, when Mr. Rogers? When you turn up with a gun Crazydave and blow the crap outta a whole lot of people and Radio5 Lives victoria and Mayo can run shock horror bulletings all day and make pretend they didn't know this was going on.

Pox on the lot of 'em is wot I say Eh Crazydave! Thats not far of what I believe myself. Trust I might get more than just your standard 'FU' email to this Mr. Rogers cos I am getting very very adjitated by the morons above.

David Gabriel

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